Unexpected Turns – Naveeda Shaikh

Unexpected turns estranges us only within blowing up our every wealth of emotions we accumulate for so long. Unexpected turns are areas of life that I shudder to judge or make any opinion about. Nonetheless I reckon unexpected turns are always healthier for life. In the beginning, we feel odd while dealing with streets we tend to be given at unexpected turns. We shiver at trying new things. We talk and walk newly subtracting every moment we lived before; I think that’s the reason why cheaters/betrayers in life are so much loathed.

Any cheater would do nothing but subtract moments of happiness from the next person’s life, who live it with full honesty, enthusiasm of living up to conditions and situations, the rainbow colors of lively promises at the heart and the beautifying rays of love in life, but a betrayer is only cheating the person and passing time with more than one lover. As being someone who solemnly promises to be one man woman, wanna issue the warrant of execution for such betrayers who undo the colors, emotions, smiles, trust, promises and liveliness of one’s life.

Unexpected turns ought to ensue the experience making the person braver and very strong. Unexpected turns occur on many most important occasions of life making life very miserable and vulnerable. But, having crossed one I assure, without these unexpected turns there is no life ahead. One day this joke has to end but you must be not be an object on which is laughed, be the one who makes other laugh and move very smoothly in life.

Unexpected turns in lives are thunderstruck spreading harmony and peace everywhere. Unexpected turns are ruthless but fitting life on a perfect path on which it was bound to be there. Unexpected turns in life are magical marvelously.

When you experience them, don’t shudder just keep patience and trust in yourself! Cheers.



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5 responses to “Unexpected Turns – Naveeda Shaikh

  1. maryum siddiqui


  2. Asra

    I am glad we have such a great writers.

  3. medussamomo

    Good write. :=)

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